How to Secure Linksys

By Chappy Sinclair

Linksys is a major manufacturer of home and business networking products such as routers, wireless home audio, VOIP and internet modems. Linksys routers are affordable and easy to set up. Routers allow the user to share their Internet connection with more than one computer and other wireless devices. All Linksys routers offer security features which must be configured after you have installed your wireless router. Adding security insures that only those you want will have access to your Internet connection.

Things You'll Need

  • Any model Linksys router

Step 1

Open Internet Explorer. Type "" into the address bar. This will bring up an administration box requesting a user name and password. Leave the user name box blank. Enter "Admin" into the password box. Click "OK." You will be taken to the Linksys Wireless Router configuration page.

Step 2

Click the tab titled "Wireless." Select "Wireless Security."

Step 3

Select the "WEP" option. Unlike the other options, WEP is more secure and compatible with newer wireless devices (e.g. cell phones and laptops).

Step 4

Select "128 bits 26 hex digits" for the WEP encryption section. Enter a password for the Passphrase section and click "Generate." Your Linksys router will generate four 26-digit keys. It is important that you write these down as you will need them to access your router.

Step 5

Enter Key 1's 26-digit password into the box when prompted. You will only have to enter it once as it will save automatically. Click "Save Changes."

Step 6

Click the "Administration" tab. Change the default password to something only you would know. A mix of letters and numbers is recommended. This is what you will use next time to access the configuration page and not "Admin."

Step 7

Click "Save Changes" and exit the configuration window. Devices that want to connect to your wireless will have to enter key 1's 26-digit password that you were given earlier.

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