How to See Acres on Google Earth

By Jessica Ring

Google Earth is a satellite-imagery program that integrates satellite images, street-level photographs and 3D mapping to provide a comprehensive view of the planet. Apply measurement filters over the Google Earth map to effectively gauge distances and calculate size. Google Earth supports measurements in paths, polygons and circles. Polygons and circles calculate both perimeter and area. By setting the polygon dimensions to the size of an acre, you can easily determine the number of acres in a given area.

Step 1

Load Google Earth. Select "Tools," "Ruler."

Step 2

Click the "Polygon" tab.

Step 3

Check the "Mouse Navigation" box. This allows you to manually draw a distance.

Step 4

Choose "Yards" from the measurement drop-down box. There are 4,840 square yards in an acre.

Step 5

Click and drag your mouse on the map to draw your polygon. Draw the polygon over the area you want to measure. The pop-up box displays the square yard area.

Step 6

Divide your total number by 4,840. You will have the total number of acres in your designated area.

Tips & Warnings

  • The "Polygon" tool is available only to Google Earth Pro and CE users. If you have the free edition of Google Earth, you must manually draw a polygon with the "Path" tool.