How to See How Many People Access Your Wireless

By Michelle Varsallona

If you feel like your wireless Internet connection is slower than usual, you may have people accessing your network that should not be doing so. You may find many people accessing your wireless connection, especially if you keep your network unlocked. Using the local configuration website for your network, you can view how many people are accessing your wireless network and block some or all of them as you see fit.

Step 1

Open your Web browser and connect to your wireless router's configuration website by using the IP address provided in the Resources section below.The default names and passwords for routers are as follows:Netgear -- Username: admin; Password: passwordLinksys -- Username: [blank]; Password: adminBelkin -- Username: admin; Password: admin

Step 2

Open the "Setup" or "Maintenance" tab, and open "DHCP Clients Table" or "Attached Devices."

Step 3

View the table. It is a list of all the devices currently connected to your network. Devices are listed by device name, IP address and MAC address.