How to See Who Viewed My Craigslist Ad

By Josh Fredman

Craigslist does not provide its users with traffic statistics, which means no official way exists for tracking how many people view your posting. Craigslist also prohibits you from including a tracking script in your post. The easiest remaining legal option is to use an image in your listing. Craigslist encourages you to host images on their servers, but also allows you to link to images located elsewhere, which is how you can track page views.

Step 1

Prepare the images you plan to use in your listing. You don’t need to do anything special with them; just edit them as you normally would.

Step 2

Contact your Web hosting service and tell them you want to track unique views of a specific image file; they'll explain how you can do this. You may also be able to find the information in their site FAQ or customer support literature. Just look for their Web analytics support documentation.

Step 3

Upload the image as advised by your Web host’s customer support. You only need to do this with one image. Tracking statistics on multiple images can cause you to accidentally multiply the number of visitors who view your listing. If you do use multiple images, store the others elsewhere on your Web pages or host them directly on Craigslist.

Step 4

Link to the image when you post your Craigslist ad, using the HTML image tag: . Replace "URL" with the actual URL of your image, including the "http://" at the beginning and keeping the quotation marks.

Step 5

Track the unique downloads for the image in your listing. This number roughly corresponds to the actual number of individual visitors.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have a free Web host, or no Web hosting service at all, you probably won't have access to the analytics tools and customer support service you need to track image downloads. If you need to track views of your listings, consider buying a Web hosting plan. They cost approximately $10 a month and you can consider it a business expense.
  • If you use Craigslist often and tend to have multiple listings on the site, consider developing a website of your own with copies of these ads, then linking to your site in each of your Craigslist postings. By comparing the number of visitors to your Craigslist ad with the number of people who click through to your site, you can get a good idea of how successful your listings are in relation to one another.