How to Self-Install Comcast High Speed Internet

By Stephen Lilley

Typically, a Comcast technician will come out to your home and properly set up your high-speed Internet service. This does, however, require you to pay a fee. If you'd like to save on this fee, you can have Comcast ship out the modem, coaxial cable and Ethernet cable and install it yourself.

Step 1

Screw the coaxial cable you were provided with by Comcast onto the coaxial cable Internet jack in your wall.

Step 2

Screw the other end of the coaxial cable onto the coaxial input on your Comcast high-speed Internet modem.

Step 3

Plug your Comcast high-speed Internet modem's power cable into a wall outlet. This turns the modem on.

Step 4

Plug an Ethernet cable into your Comcast high-speed Internet modem's Ethernet output. Follow the Ethernet cable along to the other end and plug it into the Ethernet input on your computer.

Step 5

Insert the Comcast Internet service CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive. Click "Install" once Windows loads the Comcast Internet service software set-up utility. This will install the software on your computer necessary to operate Comcast Internet service.

Step 6

Call Comcast using the telephone number on the information packet you were sent with your equipment. Tell the person on the phone that you self-installed your high speed Internet service and need to have it activated. He will activate your service, and you can now use your Comcast high speed Internet modem to go online.

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