How to Sell Items Online

By Techwalla Contributor

Spring cleaning just got profitable. Gather up possessions you no longer use and sell them online. For those items you can't sell, donate them. You'll benefit others and clean out your attic at the same time.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital camera

Step 1

Take an inventory of items around your house that you would like to sell. Take several digital photos of the items to increase the likelihood of making a sale. Research where you might receive the most money for the types of items you are selling, taking into account listing fees and closing fees.

Step 2

Upload photos of the items from the camera to your computer. Put all the photos in a special folder, entitled "Auctions" or "Items for Sale."

Step 3

Log onto websites and post items. For DVDs, CDs, video games and books, the best avenue to sell them is through or because there is no cost to list your items. If you plan to sell multiple items, join Amazon as a preferred seller. Check into your seller account to manage your prices often so you can be sure you have a competitive price and can sell your items quickly.

Step 4

EBay and Craigslist are popular websites for selling just about anything online. Craigslist is free to post and sell items, which is convenient, but you might be able to get more money for your item on eBay, even though you have to pay fees relating to the sale. You get a free picture upload with eBay and can put additional pictures on for additional fees.

Step 5

If you would prefer to sell a group of items and are looking for a particular group that you feel will benefit from this, join Yahoo! online newsgroups. Sell or donate children's clothing and toys through online newsgroups that are centered around children and those in need.

Tips & Warnings

  • Charge sufficient postage when putting items onto eBay. You don't want to put too high a shipping charge or your item might not sell, but make sure you charge enough to cover the shipping charges. Go to the post office quickly after your item sells so you get good feedback; negative feedback can hinder future sales so try to keep your buyers happy. Pay the extra money for delivery confirmation so you can verify that a package has reached its destination. For items that have little resell value, look to trade items online at websites such as
  • Be wary of giving people on Craigslist your home address and do not respond to any ads that may appear to be fraudulent.