How to Sell on eBay

By Techwalla Internet Editor

EBay is an Internet auction website that allows users to sell items in an auction format to a worldwide audience. Learning how to sell using eBay will allow you to get rid of old things of yours or start a business reselling new items.

Step 1

Visit eBay and sign up to be a member. You should click on the screen where it says "register."

Step 2

Select an item that you wish to sell. Try to pick something which will sell for around $50 to start out with.

Step 3

Search for your item on eBay by typing its name or words describing it into the eBay search bar. Finding your item or items like it helps you determine a good selling value.

Step 4

Click "Sell" at the top of your screen when you are ready to begin selling your item.

Step 5

Type in a few words describing your item you wish to sell when prompted.

Step 6

Choose a category from the list that comes up and then click "Save and Continue."

Step 7

Fill in the information describing your product as it is requested on the page. Be as descriptive as possible and be sure to add a picture when prompted, then select "Save and Continue" when done adding information.

Step 8

Preview your listing then choose "List Your Item" when you have reviewed the fees and are satisfied with the way your item is listed. Repeat this process for as many items as you wish to sell.

Step 9

Track your sales progress by visiting the "My eBay" link on the screen. Here you will see all of the items you are selling and whether they have been bid on.

Tips & Warnings

  • Cheap items ($3 or less) are hard to sell and make money on due to the fees eBay charges.
  • Start low when it comes to price. The lower the price on your item the better chance it has of selling. People on eBay are usually looking for a bargain.
  • Beware of sending your item before you have received payment from your buyer. Do not send first or you may give your item away for free.