How to Sell Shoes Online and Make Money

By Techwalla Contributor

If you want to sell shoes online and start your own online shoe store you need to know not only the basics of online selling, but also information pertaining specifically to selling shoes. In order to sell shoes online and actually make money, you need to beat the online shoe store competition by giving your customers the shoes that they are looking for. Even if you sell the same shoes as everyone else, the layout of your online shoe store can make all the difference.

Step 1

** Find cheap wholesale shoes **To make the most profit selling shoes online, you will want to find cheap wholesale shoes to sell. Find a niche such as gym shoes, women's shoes, kids' shoes, etc.

Step 2

** Research other online shoe stores and find shoes to sell **You want to find out what type of shoes you can sell for the most profit. Check out what other online shoe stores are selling and try to find shoe designs that are unique and not found in every other shoe store.For the most profit possibilities, look online and find cheap wholesale shoes to sell instead of just signing up with a shoe affiliate program.

Step 3

** Create an online shoe store **The next thing you need to do to start an online shoe store business is create a shoe store website. Choose a platform that has online ordering and an easy shopping website creation tool.

Step 4

** Include detailed descriptions for each shoe **For each shoe you sell, make sure to give details such as what material the shoe is made from, type of sole, name brand, etc. The more information you give about your shoes the better chance your store will be found on search engines and the better chance customers will have enough information to buy.

Step 5

** Include a picture for each shoe **To sell shoes online you need to have pictures of all the shoes you sell so the customer can see the shoes for themselves. If possible, have images of the shoes shown from different angles (such as front of shoe, sides, back and top).

Step 6

** Set up a shopping cart program **Set up an online shopping cart for your online shoe store business that lets customers choose their shoe size. For each shoe available and order the design they want in their shoe size.

Step 7

** Include information about measuring shoe sizes **It is a good idea to have a page on your webpage that describes how to measure your foot to know your shoe size is when ordering shoes online.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make shoe to price your shoes competitively but do not sell your shoes for too cheap.