How to Sell Stuff Online

By Techwalla Internet Editor

If you'd like to make some cash and you don't have the time, space orpatience for a garage sale, set up your own cybershop. There are literallymillions of people online looking for items to buy, and it couldn'tbe easier to connect with them. Use existing venues or set up yourown Internet store.

Step 1

Go to sites like or to sell used books, CDs and other items at a fixed price. You can list items in exchange for a percentage of the sale. Avoid sites that charge a fee for posting an ad.

Step 2

List items that are hard to ship (garden furniture, a pool table, a futon) on sites such as or in regional online classifieds, so that the buyer can pick them up in person.

Step 3

Use auction sites to sell valuable collectibles, antiques and outof- print books to the highest bidder.

Step 4

Set up an online store. Check out, and Yahoo Shopping ( for turnkey solutions to building an online store for a monthly fee. The bonus is that you tap into the heavy traffic of these popular sites and take advantage of their search engines.

Step 5

Contact a company like, which can sell your stuff on eBay for you in exchange for a percentage of the selling price. These businesses edit and upload your photos and come up with the right bidding price after researching what similar items go for.

Tips & Warnings

  • Image is everything when you sell online. Post copy that is free of errors. Include high-quality, well-cropped photos of your product as well as all dimensions.
  • See 95 Plan a Yard or Garage Sale.
  • Consider paying a small fee to learn the ins and outs of online selling through community education classes or eBay University (