How to Sell Things on Facebook

By William McCoy

The Marketplace application on Facebook is designed to help you sell items to other members of the social networking website's community. If you have items you wish to sell, and spend a significant amount of your spare time on Facebook, using the Marketplace is ideal. Not only can you sell items, but you can also browse items from your friends, your friends' friends and other Facebook users.

Step 1

Log in to your Facebook account by entering your email address and password on the homepage.

Step 2

Click on the "Marketplace" icon on the left-hand side of your Facebook News Feed page.

Step 3

Press the "Post Listing to Marketplace" icon located at the top of the Marketplace homepage. Doing so will load a pop-up window.

Step 4

Fill out the pop-up window by listing information about your item in the corresponding boxes. Provide a title for the item in the "What are you listing?" box, then enter a price. If you don't want to provide a price for the item, click the "Free" box next to the "Price" box. Provide your country and city, then pick a category for your item by browsing the categories in the drop-down box.

Step 5

Type a reason you're selling the item, such as that you are moving or no longer have room for the item, in the box marked "Why are you listing it?" Then, write as much information about the item as possible in the box marked "Description."

Step 6

Click the "Add a photo" icon to browse your computer for a photo of the item. Select "Open" to attach the image.

Step 7

Select either "Post to Marketplace," which will allow the entire Facebook community to have the ability to see your item, or "Post to my friends only," which will only give those on your friends list access to the listing. Press "Post" to list your item.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the price for your item is firm or flexible, make sure to list this detail in the item's description.