How to Sell Your Unwanted Household Items Online

By Techwalla Contributor

I recently had to move from a large 2900 Sq. Foot house into a temporary 2 bedroom apartment and then into a house. I had things stored in a shed, in the apartment, in my car, and in a storage unit.I had to downsize quickly. I donated a lot to my local Goodwill Store and was able to get donation receipts to use on my tax returns for credit. There were some things that were more valuable and I wanted to sell them so I had some extra money to help pay for the move.Here is what I did to sell my unwanted household items.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer or access to one
  • Camera

Step 1

first I cleaned up the household items I wanted to sell and took pictures of each item. I uploaded them from the camera to the computer.If you do not have your own computer you can use one at your local library. They allow access free of charge to their computers.

Step 2

I registered with Craigslist and started posting ads for my unwanted household items. They let you have four pictures so I made sure I had a shot from every angle. If there was something wrong like a scratch I took a picture of that too. Honest advertising is so important.

Step 3

I sold almost everything I listed right away. I was only left with one odd sized piece of wall art. Some items I negotiated on and some I did not. It all depended on its value.

Step 4

Some people came to my house, some met me at my storage unit and some I met in public places. I sold a Pachinko game at a Trader Joe's!

Tips & Warnings

  • Be honest and realistic
  • Try to leave some negotiating room in your prices
  • Never meet someone alone - always have others with you or meet in a public place
  • Remember one mans junk is another mans treasure!