How to Send a Bulk Email Using Outlook

By Maya Austen

One of the easiest ways to send a personalized form email to a group of recipients is to use the "mail merge" feature in Microsoft Word to construct the form email. Once the email is constructed, using mail merge, you can send it out (in bulk) to all the recipients you specify using the Microsoft Outlook application. Before you begin, however, you need to already have Microsoft Outlook configured to link to your Web-based email account.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010

Step 1

Launch Microsoft Word.

Step 2

Go to "Mailings" in the menu. Click "Start Mail Merge" in the Mailings ribbon. Select "Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard."

Step 3

Select "E-mail Messages" at the "Select Document Type" prompt. Click "Next: Starting Document" to go to the "Select starting document" prompt.

Step 4

Click the "Use the current document" radio button. Click "Next: Select Recipients" to go on to the "Select recipients" prompt. Because this is your first time performing an email merge, select "Type a new list." The next time you use the Microsoft Office email merge feature, however, you can select "Use an existing list" at this step (and skip the next step)."

Step 5

Enter the information for each recipient you would like to send the current email to ("First Name," "Last Name," "E-Mail Address" and any other field box you'd like to fill in). Press "Tab" on the keyboard to jump from field to field. Click "OK" when you have finished entering all the recipient information. Click "Next: Write your e-mail message" to go to the next prompt.

Step 6

Compose the email message. Do not enter any information in the email message that may be found in the mail merge recipient list (the one you just created in Step 5). Instead, insert the corresponding mail merge field in place of that information. For example, instead of typing a recipient's name, click the "More Items" link in the mail merge dialogue box and select the "First Name" mail merge field to insert it. When you finish composing the message, click "Next: Preview your e-mail messages."

Step 7

Review your email messages. Each recipient's personal information will appear in the place where your merge fields had been inserted. Click "Next: Complete the merge."

Step 8

Select "Electronic Mail." Click the "To" drop-down menu and select "email_address." Fill in the "Subject line." Click "OK" to send the email messages via the Microsoft Outlook application.