How to Send a Fax to New Zealand

By Greyson Ferguson

Sending a fax to a foreign country, such as New Zealand, is exactly the same as sending a document to fax lines within the United States, the only difference being you must dial in a few extra numbers and you are going to be charged an international long distance service fee. The fee will vary depending on what long distance provider you have and how many sheets are in the fax.

Things You'll Need

  • Fax machine

Step 1

Place the document you wish to send in the fax machine and power the device on.

Step 2

Push "Start" to fire the fax machine up, then dial "0011." This is the number you must dial when sending a fax from the United States, as it tells the line to send the information to an overseas machine.

Step 3

Press "64." This is the New Zealand national code.

Step 4

Press the remainder of the phone number (including the area code and phone number). Press "Send" and the document is scanned into the fax machine and sent to the receiving machine in New Zealand.