How to Send a Fax Using My Cell Phone

By Aksana Nikolai

Wireless technology has streamlined a number of communication vehicles, including faxing. Users can use their cell phone to send a document to a faxing service, which goes on to deliver the fax to the recipient. This alternative to traditional faxing eliminates the need for you to own a stand-alone fax machine and to continuously incur additional costs for items such as fax toner and paper. In addition, it allows users to send faxes while on the go.

Things You'll Need

  • Phone with camera and email or web access features
  • Document to be faxed

Step 1

Select a mobile fax service (see Resources).

Step 2

Use the camera on your cell phone to take a picture of the document to be faxed. Save the picture to one of the file directories on your phone.

Step 3

Select the option for composing a new email. Attach the photo of the document to the email. Include the fax recipient's destination details as instructed by the fax service you are using.

Step 4

Send the email to the fax service's email address.

Step 5

Access the web browser on your phone if you cannot or do not wish to use the email feature. Access the website of the fax service you are using. Upload the document to the website and provide the required destination details.

Tips & Warnings

  • To ensure maximum clarity, hold your hand as still as possible while photographing the document.