How to Send a Free Text to my TracFone

By Nicole Byerly

TracFones are a great option for cell phone users whom are weary about signing into a long term contract. TracFones are fully functional prepaid cell phones that can receive and send text messages. If a friend or family member has a TracFone and you do not own a cell phone, you can still send a text message to them by using your computer.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer

Step 1

Log on to one of the websites created for internet users without cell phones. More and more text message websites are popping up, expanding your texting options.

Step 2

Type the TracFone number in the "to" area. This number should only be the 10-digit number as most websites do not require a +1 in front of the number.

Step 3

Type the message you want to send in the designated message box. Limit the message size to under 150 characters, as most cell phones do not accept single messages that exceed this limit.

Step 4

Click the "send" button below the message body. The text message will arrive at the TracFone in a short time.