How to Send a Free Text to Straight Talk

By Carmen S. Jones

Straight Talk is a cellphone provider which does not have a monthly service plan. Available only at Walmart, you refill your minutes whenever you like. Customers with Straight Talk have text-enabled cellphones. You can send someone with a Straight Talk cellphone a text message for free using free text message websites. A charge may incur for the receiver of the text message.

Step 1

Access an online free text message website that can send free text messages to a Straight Talk cellphone. There are many such websites available. You can use the Internet browser on your computer or cellphone if applicable to access these websites.

Step 2

Read the "Terms of Service" information before sending a text message from the website.

Step 3

Enter the necessary information on the provided form on the website, such as the receiver's name, Straight Talk cellphone number, your email address or cell number and the message. Scroll through the list of providers to find "Straight Talk" and select it. It will appear in its designated box.

Step 4

Click "Send Message" when complete. The text message will be delivered to the receiver's Straight Talk cellphone momentarily.