How to Send a Microsoft Word Attachment

By Nichelle Coleman

Most programs that are used to compose email messages allow users to send Microsoft Word attachments. You can include the attachments with your email message. Once you have sent your Microsoft Word attachment with your email, the user who receives it can open the document and view it on his computer. Sending Microsoft Word attachments is very simple, and most users prefer to send attachments via email as opposed to faxing documents.

Step 1

Save your Microsoft Word document to a location on your PC. You should use a location that is easily accessible to attach the file to your email. You may want to consider saving it to your desktop so that you can locate it faster.

Step 2

Open the email program that you use. Compose the message that you wish to send. Programs such as Microsoft Outlook allow the user to click on "File" and "Insert file." You will be prompted to find the file on your PC. Locate the file and double-click it. The file is then attached to your email message. Click send, and the email message is sent along with your Microsoft Word attachment.

Step 3

Choose "Attach file" if you are using a program such as Yahoo mail, after you have composed your email message. You will be instructed to search for the file. Choose "Browse." Find the file on your PC and choose it. The file is then attached to your email message.

Step 4

Click "Send" and the Microsoft Word document will be sent along with your email message.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be sure to scan your attachments using an anti-virus scan before you send them so that you don't infect another user's PC.