How to Send a PDF as a Regular Email & Not as an Attachment

By Bill Brown

The Portable Document Format (PDF) was developed by Adobe to facilitate document creation and management. If you click on a PDF file on your computer usually Adobe Reader, a free program, will open and open the document. Adobe Reader has limited features--for instance, editing options are curtailed. If you do not want to send the PDF as an attachment, you can still cut and paste the text directly into an email. You may lose some of the formatting, but if you are sending the email to a party that does not accept emails with attachments this is a good solution.

Step 1

Double click on your PDF document to open it.

Step 2

Click and drag your mouse to select the text you wish to email.

Step 3

Press "Control" and "C" (or "Command" and "C" on a Mac) to copy the text to your computer's clipboard. These are almost universal command and will work almost without exception on regular consumer operating systems.

Step 4

Open your email program and begin composing a new email.

Step 5

Place the cursor in the body of the email and press "Control" and "V" (or "Command" and "V" on a Mac) to paste the PDF into the email. You may now send the PDF as a regular email.