How to Send a Text to Someone's Cell Phone From a Computer

By Michelle Varsallona

You can send a text to any cell phone from your computer. All you need to know is the person’s phone number and cell phone provider. Each provider has a unique email suffix to ensure the message is correctly routed. Remember, most text messages can only be 120 to 160 characters.

Step 1

Open your web email or email program.

Step 2

Select “Compose” or “New” to start a new email.

Step 3

In the “To” section type the recipient’s telephone number, including area code.

Step 4

Type “@” and then the recipient’s cell phone provider's email suffix after the phone number. The suffixes for the major providers are AT&T: “,” Boost: “,” Sprint: “,” T-Mobile: “” and Verizon: “”

Step 5

Give your mail a subject.

Step 6

Type your message in the body of the email.