How to Send a Word Document as an Attachment

By Daniel Ames

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular word-processing software programs in the world. People everywhere use Word to write business reports, personal correspondence, news stories and academic documents. With the advent of email, the need to send those Microsoft Word documents electronically has risen as well. Thankfully, the process by which a writer can send a Microsoft Word document via email is very simple.

Step 1

Save your Microsoft Word document. Note where the document is actually located on your computer. Consider dragging it to your desktop, an easier location from which to access it for emailing purposes.

Step 2

Check the size of the document. Check if there any size limits in regard to sending files through your email system. If the document is too big, consider breaking it up into separate documents and sending them via separate emails.

Step 3

Log into your email account and create a message for the intended recipient of the Word document. Note in the message that you are attaching a file.

Step 4

Attach the file. Do this by finding the "Attach" icon in your email toolbar. Click on the icon. Click on the button that says "Browse." Highlight the Word document and choose "Select File." Once the document is selected, press "Attach."

Step 5

Check that the document is attached. You will most likely see the document title with the icon of a paper clip in the message, which tells you the document is attached. Hit "Send." Look in your Sent Mail folder to confirm that the email with the Word document attached was sent.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you don't hear from your recipient in the appropriate amount of time, consider calling her to ensure she received the email with the document attached.
  • Always double-check that you have attached the document. Many people send the email without remembering to actually attach the document.