How to Send an Anonymous Text to a Cell

By Arman Khodaei

Cell phone users rejoice, for now you can send anonymous text messages to other cell phones using special features on the Internet. Perhaps you want to surprise your spouse or play a prank on your friend. Well, now you can do this using a special program through Anon Txt, the cell phone carrier of your friend's phone that you want to text or through regular email. All three methods achieve the same results and are free for you to use.

Anon Txt

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Fill in the four fields. They are Alias, Subject, Number to Send To and Message. Alias and Subject can remain blank.

Step 3

Click "Submit." Your message will be delivered immediately, and at no cost to you.

Cell Phone Provider

Step 1

Go to the cell phone provider's website for the phone you wish to text. For example, if your friend has a Verizon phone, you will want to go to You do not need an account with Verizon or most other providers to use the company's website to send a text message to someone. Here is a list of major cell carriers and a list of websites you can go to send free text messages:Verizon: Vtext.comSprint:

Step 2

Enter the information in the required fields for the provider website you went to.

Step 3

Click "Submit." Your text message will instantly be delivered.


Step 1

Open your email application.

Step 2

Click "Compose" or the equivalent to create a new email message.You may want to use a different email account than what your normally use because your email address will show up as to where the text came from.

Step 3

Type your message. This will be sent as a text to the cell phone number of your choice.

Step 4

Type the 10-digit cell number followed by the "@" sign and then the cell carrier's text message address. For example, a text message to a Verizon phone would look similar to Substitute an actual phone number for the phone number given in the exampleHere is a list of major cell carrier text messaging email addresses:AT&T: @mmode.comVerizon: @vtext.comT-Mobile: @tmomail.netSprint: @messaging.sprintpcs.comCingular: @cingularme.comNextel: @messaging.nextel.comVirgin Mobile: @vmobl.comAlltel: OR @alltelmessage.comOmnipoint: @omnipointpcs.comCellularOne: @mobile.celloneusa.comQwest:

Step 5

Click "Send."

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not send death threats or any other text that can be considered a threat to someone. Yes, you are sending anonymously, but there are ways to track the text message back to you if you send an illegal text.