How to Send an Email to a FAX Machine

By Regina Edwards

The computer enables us to rely less on paper and be more efficient in our use of printers and faxes. With access to the Internet, we can thrive in a digital lifestyle where we can be in communication almost anywhere, anytime. Faxes can be sent and received via email for instant access and electronic archives. Online fax service companies, such as eFax and Send2Fax, can be found on the Internet. Sending emails to fax machines via the web is a convenient and economical option for faxing locally and globally, with less equipment to maintain.

Step 1

Address a new email message by typing the recipient's fax number (including country code + area code and excluding dashes and parentheses) plus "@" and then your fax service's designated domain name. For example: "" or ""

Step 2

Type your subject and message for your fax cover sheet in the corresponding fields in your e-mail message. For example:Subject: Review financial reportMessage: Hi Don. Enclosed are the financial summary and spreadsheet analysis. Call me to discuss.

Step 3

Attach documents to be included in your fax in the order to be sent. Be sure to check with your fax service's list of supported file types, such as .doc (MS Word), .xls (MS Excel), .html (web page) and .pdf (Portable Document Format).

Step 4

Click the "Send" button to transmit.

Tips & Warnings

  • Send faxes to multiple recipients using one email message.For a quick scan solution, send a fax to yourself to receive the electronic file.
  • Online fax service providers impose limits for sending and receiving faxes according to service level. Check your service level and be aware of any additional charges you may incur.