How to Send an Email Without Disclosing My IP Address

By LissaJ

An IP, or Internet Protocol, address is the numerical code used to pinpoint the specific location of a computer used to access the Internet or send email. Thus, when you send an email from home or work, that location's IP address will be attached to that email. You cannot remove all traces of an IP address from an email you send, even with the utmost care and minor hacking skills --- but you can take steps to send email without revealing your own personal IP address.

Step 1

Leave your home, office, or whatever location you usually send email from. Depending on how secretive you want to be, go your local library or an Internet cafe in a different town. Leave the computer you usually use to send email behind.

Step 2

Choose a different computer from which to send your email --- ideally a third-party computer, such as one located in a library or Internet cafe. You would do this because an IP address is not necessarily linked to a specific email account, but to the Internet service provider that provides access for that account.

Step 3

Send the email using a web-based email account --- not a work account, a school email, or an account provided to you by your Internet service. Although you should have a different IP address because you have changed locations and computers, accounts that are not free and web-based will likely retain traces of the service provider.

Tips & Warnings

  • This process will not eliminate an IP address from your email, but it will eliminate your particular IP address. This means that although the person getting the email will be able to find an IP address, they won't be able to find YOUR address. If you choose, this can be a way to send a completely anonymous email.

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