How to Send Attachments on an iPad

The iPad's native email app Mail has a dedicated Action menu designed to add attachments to your messages. But Mail is not the only option available. Take advantage of the Share icon to attach files from outside the Mail app. You can also add attachments from within most third-party apps, including Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook.

Mail App -- Add Attachments Using the Action Menu


Tap an empty area in the body of your email message in the Mail app to load the Action menu.

Tap the Add Attachment icon
credit: Image courtesy of Apple


Touch Add Attachment and select the file to send.

Add Attachments Using the Share Icon


Open the file to send as an attachment. The app you use to open the file depends on the type of file you want to attach. To send an image, for example, open your native image management app to access the Share icon. On iPads running iOS 8 and later, Photos is the native photo management app.

Tap the Share icon
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Touch the Share icon in the corner of the screen to display methods of sharing the item, one of which is to use the Mail app. You may have to tap the screen to display the Share icon.

Tap the Mail icon.
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Touch the Mail icon to create a new email message in the native Mail app with the selected file as an attachment. If you have a different email application installed that you prefer to use, tap the More icon and select it.

Add an Attachment in Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook

The method for adding an attachment depends on the third-party app you're using. In most cases, a dedicated Attachment icon displays that enables you to select the file to attach. Some email apps display the icon directly on the main menu, while others function like the iPad's native Mail app in which you press a blank space in the body of the message to display attachment options.

Gmail App

.Tap the Attachment icon
credit: Image courtesy of Google

In the Gmail app for iOS devices, create a new message and then tap the Attachment icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

Yahoo Mail App

Tap the Attachment icon.
credit: Image courtesy of Yahoo

In the Yahoo Mail app, touch a blank spot anywhere in the body of a new email message to display the editing menu and then tap the Attachment icon.

Outlook App

Tap the Attachment icon
credit: Image courtesy of Microsoft

In the Microsoft Outlook app, tap the File Attachment icon in the composition window.