How to Send Automatic Outgoing Emails

By Techwalla Internet Editor

Sending automatic outgoing emails can be one of the best things you can learn. With these emails you can let your family and friends know when you are going to be away or just too busy to respond to your email for a period of time. The steps below will help you set up automatic responses to your emails when you are not available.

Step 1

Find options in your email. In Comcast, it is under "Preferences". In Netscape it is under "Options". You can search in your help to find where it is in your email provider.

Step 2

Select "Auto reply" or "Auto response" or whatever your email provider calls it.

Step 3

Check "Yes" or "Turn on" to enable the automatic emails.

Step 4

Fill in the dates you want the automatic email to be activated. In some programs you just turn it on and then turn it off when you are back. In others you have to enter the dates you want it to be in effect.

Step 5

Specify a subject. Some emails automatically assign a subject but in others you need to fill in a subject yourself.

Step 6

Type a message in the box that you want people to see. You want the message to say something like this, "I will be unavailable from Monday through Wednesday." You may also need to select where you want your mail saved; usually this would be your inbox.

Step 7

Choose "Update" or "Save" or the box that your email provider needs you to check in order to activate your automatic outgoing email.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure you turn off the automatic response when you return if your email provider doesn't have you select dates for it to be in effect.
  • Be careful using automatic outgoing email because although it lets your friends and families know you are away it also lets the spammers know that this is a valid email address and you may start getting even more spam.