How to Send Ctrl+Alt+Delete to a Remote Desktop

By Alex Gardner

The Windows Remote Desktop client allows you to control a remote computer using the mouse and keyboard of your local machine. However, when you're remotely connected to a computer and you press "Ctrl+Alt+Del," the command affects the local rather than the remote computer. You must type a special key sequence to send the "Ctrl+Alt+Del" command to the remote computer.

Step 1

Log into the remote computer from your local computer using Remote Desktop. The Windows 7 Remote Desktop client is located under "Start > All Programs > Accessories." You will need the network address or name of the remote computer and a user name and password to log in.

Step 2

Type Ctrl, Alt and End on the keyboard of your local machine. This will send the "Ctrl+Alt+Del" command to the remote computer.

Step 3

Choose the option you want from the Windows Security dialog box, then continue working.

Tips & Warnings

  • When you're using Remote Desktop, the Restart and Shut Down commands are not available via the remote computer's start menu. You also access either Restart or Shutdown by typing Ctrl, Alt, End.