How to Send Group Tweets

By Robert Morello

Group tweeting can refer to several types of Twitter communication. By their nature, every non-private tweet is a group tweet as it is delivered to the group of people who have listed themselves as your followers. You can, however, also create groups or lists which you can then tweet as needed. In addition, GroupTweet offers a free service in conjunction with Twitter which allows users to form a group in which any user can tweet all the others or send a private tweet to the person or people of their choice and all users share equal ownership.

Tweet Groups

Step 1

Locate the users you wish to add to your group or list by visiting their Twitter profile pages. Click on the "List" icon which resembles a page with lines on it. A list of options will drop down.

Step 2

Click the "Create List" option at the bottom of the list. Select the criteria for your new group or list and close the drop-down window. The user should now be included in your group or list.

Step 3

Log on to your Twitter account. Click the "Lists" button on the left-hand side of your main page. Select the list or group you wish to tweet.

Step 4

Type a message of less than 140 total characters in the blank field at the top of the page. Click the "Tweet" button beneath the box. Your message will be sent to the group of users you have assembled in your contact list.

Group Tweeting

Step 1

Visit the GroupTweet website. Click on the "Activate Your Group Now" button near the bottom of the page.

Step 2

Click on the "Authorize Group Tweet Now!" button at the bottom of the next page. Continue on to create a new Twitter group with the members you desire to include.

Step 3

Log in to your new account and you should be able to have an unlimited number of group users, tweet publicly or privately with members of the group and to perform a series of other conference and sharing functions.

Tips & Warnings

  • Twitter users can help worthwhile causes around the world by visiting the company's Hope 140 website.
  • Twitter groups can contain up to 500 users and each user may have up to 20 groups or lists at a time.