How to Send Lots of Photos

By Jalisa Summerville

The task of sharing game-winning photo shots or wedding day pictures over the Internet doesn't have to be complicated. In order to send large quantities of pictures at one time, it's often helpful to compress the pictures into a zip file. Most computers come pre-installed with a file zipping program. This process involves combining all of your photos into one single file, so that you can send the pictures quickly and easily, without resorting to tediously uploading each photo individually.

Step 1

Compress your picture files to a zip file. Locate the pictures that you would like to send and place them into a new folder. Give it a title so that it's easier to find. For example, if you have photos from your graduation, name the folder "Graduation Pics."

Step 2

Press the "Ctrl" key while simultaneously clicking each photo or select the pictures of your choice by clicking and dragging the mouse across all of your pictures. Right-click one of the selected files and click "Send To" from the drop-down menu list. Select "Compressed Zip Folder" or a similarly named option if you're using a different computer operating system. Your files will now zip into one file, which resembles a folder with a silver zipper.

Step 3

Access your email account. Log on to your email service by entering your username and password. After logging in, click "New Message," "Compose Mail" or a similarly named option. Enter email addresses in the "To" field and input a phrase summarizing the email's contents, such as "Pics" or "Pictures" into the "Subject" field.

Step 4

Attach the file. Click "Attach Files," "Insert File" or a similarly named option to attach the zipped file to your email message. Depending on your particular email platform, a separate pop-up window might appear. Find the zipped file and click "Open." The file is now attached to your email message.

Step 5

Click "Send" to send the photos to the email recipients.