How to Send My Facebook Contacts to My iPhone

By Brandy Alexander

As you spend time on Facebook and meet new friends, you acquire a contact list. Consider merging this list with your iPhone mobile device so that you have the data in a convenient spot and bypass the need to log in to your account to get this information. Fortunately, the Facebook application for the iPhone provides an easy method for doing this. Using your iPhone, add your Facebook contacts so that you can reference your friends' information whenever needed.

Step 1

Press the “App Store” option on your iPhone and type in the word “facebook” in the search field to bring up this application and install it. If you already have this feature, press the “Updates” button in the lower, right corner and then press the Facebook option to update this application and make sure you are using the latest version for the iPhone.

Step 2

Press the Facebook application icon on your iPhone dashboard and then press the “Friends” button.

Step 3

Press the “Sync” option on the upper, right-hand side and then slide your finger to the right in the “Syncing” section to turn this feature on. The “Sync” option enables your Facebook contact information to be added to your iPhone.

Step 4

Read the Facebook notice and press the “I Agree” button if you consent to it. To summarize, the message states that your iPhone's contact list will be sent to Facebook servers and be subject to their privacy policy, which is in addition to having your Facebook contacts added to your iPhone.

Step 5

Go back to your iPhone dashboard and press the “Contacts” application to see that your Facebook contacts are now added.

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