How to Send One Tab Instead of a Whole File in Microsoft Excel

By Carter McBride

While Excel does not explicitly have a button that emails only one sheet in a document, there is a quick workaround that helps you accomplish the task. This is a good tool to utilize if you have multi-worksheet workbooks and do not want the person you are sending it to to see all the information in your workbook. This method copies and pastes an entire worksheet into a new workbook. Then you can e-mail the new file as an attachment.

Step 1

Right-click on the worksheet tab of the worksheet you want to e-mail. This tab is on the bottom of Excel.

Step 2

Select "Move or Copy."

Step 3

Select "New Book" in the "To Book" drop-down menu.

Step 4

Check the "Make a Copy" check box.

Step 5

Click "OK."

Step 6

Click the "Office" button and select "Save As." Save the new workbook.

Step 7

Use your e-mail program to send the file as an attachment.