How to Send Ringtones to Cell Phones

By Kayla Lowe

All cell phones have ringtones preinstalled, but you might not like the generic beeps, rings and tones that are already on your cell phone. You can add your own ringtones of your favorite music. The way you put ringtones on your cell phone differs depending on the cell phone brand and model and your service provider. A method that works for all cell phones, though, is to send the ringtones to your cell phone yourself in a text message.

Step 1

Log in to your email account.

Step 2

Click inside the "To" text box and type your 10-digit cell phone number followed by the "at" symbol (@) and your service provider's text message extension (or for Verizon users, the picture text messaging extension [e.g.].)

Step 3

Attach the ringtone that you want to send to your cell phone to the email message by clicking on the "Attach" option and then double-clicking on the ringtone from your computer's hard drive. Send the message to your cell phone.

Step 4

Open your cell phone and click the "OK" button to view the text message. Press the right soft key, press the down arrow to scroll to "Save as Ringtone" and press the "OK" button. The ringtone is now on your cell phone.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can send more than one ringtone to your cell phone at a time by attaching more than one ringtone to the email message.
  • You might be charged text messaging fees for sending ringtones to your cell phone, depending upon your calling plan.