How to Send Something Back From Amazon

By Julia Drake

Amazon is an online retailer that allows you to purchase books, movies, toys, electronics and other items and have them mailed directly to your home. If you purchased an Amazon product or received an Amazon product as a gift, you can return it if you specify the reason for why you do not want it anymore. The Amazon website provides you with the necessary return labels and information on how to send your product back to Amazon.

Step 1

Visit the Amazon homepage and click on the "Help" link at the top of the right side of the homepage.

Step 2

Click the "Returns and Refunds" link to take you to the "Returns and Refunds" web page.

Step 3

Click on the link, "Return Mailing Label," and then click on the link to the "Online Returns Center." To return an Amazon product, you can print out a return label from the Online Returns Center to use on your package.

Step 4

Decide which type of item you want to return. The Online Returns Center allows you to return or replace items that you received as a gift. It also allows you to return or replace products that you purchased.

Step 5

Click on either the "Return a gift" or "Return Items" button depending on what type of item you are returning. If you are returning an item that you purchased, you will need to sign in to your Amazon account with your Amazon user name and password.

Step 6

Select which purchase that you would like to return on your recently purchased web page if you are returning a product that you bought. If you are returning a gift product, you will have to enter your contact information and the gift's order number, which you can find on the packing slip that came with the gift. For any returned item, you will have to provide Amazon with a reason for why you are returning the product.

Step 7

Print out both the return label and the return mailing authorization form for your package. Depending on the reason for why you are returning a product, Amazon may issue you pre-paid postage on your return label.

Step 8

Place your returned item along with the return mailing authorization form into a new shipping box or the box that your product came in.

Step 9

Seal the box and attach the return label on the top of the box. If using the original box that your product came in, ensure that the new label completely covers the old one. Add your contact information on the box.

Step 10

Visit your local post office or UPS to send the package back to Amazon. If you are returning a bulk or heavy item that was delivered by a specialty carrier, like CEVA or ABF, the Online Returns Center will guide you on how to return the package.

Step 11

Pay for the cost of shipping if you need to. If your product was a result of an Amazon error or arrived defected or damaged, Amazon will pay for your shipping return with the pre-paid postage. If your are returning a product because of your own need, such as because you already have the product, you will have to pay for your postage to send the package back to Amazon.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are returning more than one item, you must mail each item separately back to Amazon. Each shipment must contain a return label and authorization form that refers to the product being returned.
  • If you are returning a gift that you received, Amazon will email you an Amazon gift card in the amount of the returned item.
  • Amazon does not accept returns from products that were purchased by sellers other than Amazon or items that lack a UPC or serial number. You can find a full list of nonreturnable items on Amazon's "How to Return" web page.