How to Send Text Messages From Different Numbers

By Carmen S. Jones

Sending a text message is a way to communicate a short message to a person without having to call. Perhaps you want to send a secret admirer message or play a harmless joke on a friend. Sometimes, you may encounter a person who you would prefer not to have your cell phone number yet you need to send a quick text message to. Instead of risking the person saving your cell phone number, you can send a text message using a text message website. Most of them are free and you will not have to disclose your information.

Step 1

Open your Internet browser on your computer or cell phone if it has Internet capabilities.

Step 2

Access a text message website that does not require you to disclose your cell phone number or email address. (See Resources.)

Step 3

Read the terms of usage before sending a text message.

Step 4

Fill out the designated form on the webpage including the recipient's cell number, provider information and the text message.

Step 5

Press "Send Message" when complete. The text message will arrive momentarily to the recipient's cell phone.