How to Send Text Messages Via Email to Sprint Customers

By Andrew Smith

You may wish to send a text message to a Sprint customer when your phone is not near you. Texts can also be sent to Sprint customers through an email account. These texts will be sent to the cell phone just as if you sent it from your phone. It doesn't cost you anything to send an email to a Sprint cell phone, and the person will have the option of responding to the message. These responses will be sent to your email address.

Step 1

Log into the email account you will use to send an email to a Sprint customer.

Step 2

Type the Sprint phone number inside the "To"/"Recipient" text box. Enter in all 10 numbers without using spaces or dashes (For example "8788788787").

Step 3

Enter the address "" right after the Sprint phone number For example "".

Step 4

Type the text message inside the "Message" box. Make sure this message does not exceed 160 characters. Messages will be cut off after 160 characters.

Step 5

Click the "Send" button. The text message will be sent to the Sprint customer.