How to Send TV Signals From the Converter Box to Another TV

By James Clark

Sending TV signals from your digital converter box to a second television requires a device known as a cable splitter. It also requires additional coaxial cables to hook up the equipment. The splitter, as the name suggests, divides a single input from the converter box into two or more signals that pass through coaxial cables to connected TV sets. This lets you watch TV programs in different rooms using a single converter box.

Things You'll Need

  • Signal splitter
  • Coaxial cables

Step 1

Disconnect the coaxial cable attached to the "Out to TV" port on the back of your converter box. Leave the other end connected to your current television.

Step 2

Attach the free end of the cable to one of the output ports on the TV splitter, turning the metal connector clockwise.

Step 3

Hook up a second coaxial cable from another output port on the splitter to the UHF/VHF port on the back of a second TV.

Step 4

Connect the final coaxial cable from the converter's "Out to TV" port to the single input port on the splitter.

Step 5

Switch on the converter box and television to send signals through the splitter to the second TV.