How to Set a Daily Alarm in Outlook

By Jason Artman

Some users of Microsoft Outlook 2010 may think of it as primarily an email program. However, the program also contains a calendar and alert system that you can use to schedule events in your business or personal life. For example, if you have a daily business meeting or conference call that you must attend, you can set up an alarm in Outlook so that your computer displays a message at a set time everyday to remind you of the event.

Step 1

Launch Microsoft Outlook 2010 and click the "Calendar" button in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Step 2

Right-click the calendar on the right side of the window, and select "New Recurring Event." The "Appointment Recurrence" window appears.

Step 3

Click the drop-down menus next to "Start" and "End," and select the beginning and ending times of the event that you are setting an alert for.

Step 4

Click the "Duration" drop-down menu and select the length of the event.

Step 5

Click the "Daily" radio button under "Recurrence Pattern."

Step 6

Click the "Every Weekday" radio button if the event only occurs on weekdays. If the event occurs every day, skip this step.

Step 7

Click the drop-down menu next to "Start" at the bottom of the window and select the first date that the alert should be displayed on.

Step 8

Click the "No End Date" radio button if the alert should never end. Alternatively, click the "End After" radio button if the alert should appear a set number of times, or the "End By" radio button if the alert should end on a specific date.

Step 9

Click the "OK" button to return to the "Appointment" window.

Step 10

Click in the "Subject" box and type the name of the event or appointment that you want to be reminded of.

Step 11

Click the drop-down menu next to the bell at the top of the window and select a time, such as "30 minutes," to indicate how many minutes before the event Outlook 2010 should display the alert.

Step 12

Click the "Save & Close" button to save the alert.