How to Set a Path for VLC

By Tammy Clevenger

VideoLAN's VLC media player is a versatile free media player that plays most audio and video file types. In addition, newer versions of the VLC media player stream audio and video over a network and over the Internet. To stream audio or video, first the path for the media must be set in the VLC program. For example, to play RealMedia files, you will stream the file locally using the path set for the .rm file.

Step 1

Open the VLC application.

Step 2

Click the "Media" link on the top menu bar in the VLC player.

Step 3

Click the option labeled "Streaming." The "Open" box launches.

Step 4

Click the drop-down box labeled "Filter" and select the "All Files" option to see all available media file types.

Step 5

Navigate to the media file to load. For example, if you are setting the path for a RealMedia file, navigate to and click on the ".rm" file.

Step 6

Click the "Play" button. If the file is a streaming media file, the "Stream Output" box opens.

Step 7

Check the "Play Locally" check box and then click the "Stream" button. The file path is set for the media file.