How to Set Call Forwarding From a Remote Location

By Emily Fisher

When you are traveling longer than anticipated, forwarding your calls from a remote location is a convenient feature offered by the telephone company. Setting up remote call forwarding is quick and easy.

Things You'll Need

  • Telephone
  • Remote call forwarding feature

Step 1

Call the telephone company and confirm you have this feature. If you do not subscribe to this optional feature, it will not work. You may get this feature either at a stand-alone price or bundled as a package with additional calling features. Additionally, make sure you write down the remote access number, which will be used to forward your calls while you are away.

Step 2

Dial into the remote access number. If you do not remember your remote access number that was mailed or given to you at the time of subscription, call your telephone company and request it.

Step 3

Listen for the prompt. Enter your seven digit telephone number, followed by your four digit pin plus the "#" sign.

Step 4

Enter "72#." After 72# is entered, you will be prompted to enter the number you wish to forward your calls to. Enter the telephone number plus the "#" sign.

Tips & Warnings

  • Note that you may incur long distance charges if the calls are forwarded from a long distance number.