How to Set Firefox Parental Controls

By Techwalla Contributor

The Internet is a global storehouse of information but not all of it is G-rated or appropriate for the eyes of children. Most parents don't have the liberty to stay home and keep a watchful eye on their kids as they surf the Web. Installing parental controls on your Web browser is the next best thing. If you use Mozilla Firefox, activating parental controls is a straightforward process. Learn how to configure your browser to block access to undesirable websites and protect your kids from offensive content when you're not around to supervise in person.

Things You'll Need

  • Mozilla Firefox installed

Step 1

Launch Firefox. This Web browser does not have built-in parental controls, so you will need to download and install an add-on that will serve this purpose.

Step 2

Navigate to the Mozilla add-on website at and type "parental controls" in the search box. Review the available choices. Recommended add-ons include ProCon Latte, Suricate and Fox Filter.

Step 3

Install the add-on that best fits your requirements. Depending on which filter you choose, the method will be different to set the parental controls. As an example, with ProCon Latte, after you install the add-on, click "Tools" on the browser's top toolbar and click "Add-Ons." Select the parental control add-on that you just installed and click "Options".

Step 4

Set the explicit material that you want to block. For ProCon, go to "Main Filter" and check the box for "Enable Explicit Material Filter." You can also edit the filter to block specific websites. Once you've configured the parental control filter to your satisfaction, your child's Internet experience should be a safe one.