How to Set iPhone or iPod Touch Volume Limit

By Techwalla Contributor

Apple includes warnings with each of its iPhone and iPod Touch mobile devices concerning sound levels and possible hearing damage. The mobile devices have a setting to limit sound volume, so anxious parents can protect their children's hearing and casual users needn't worry about volume levels.

Things You'll Need

  • An iPhone or iPod Touch

Step 1

Test to determine the level you prefer as the volume limit on your iPhone or iPod Touch. To do this, play a song. Use the volume slider associated with the song. Start with the volume low on the mobile device and slowly increase the volume until you reach a level that is suitable as a limit. Typically, this limit is around three-fourths of the maximum possible volume.

Step 2

Pause or quit the song. Tap the "Home" button centered under the display screen to return to the home screen.

Step 3

Tap the "Settings" icon. Select "Music." Tap the "Volume Limit" bar.

Step 4

Set the slider at the level you determined suitable for a volume limit. Tap "Lock Volume Limit." Enter a passcode when prompted. Only you can disable a volume limit using the passcode you choose.