How to Set Music As a Ringtone

By Dan Lyman

Ringtones are an expression of individualism. They are a way to let the world know what your musical tastes are, or what you find funny or artistic. Fathers can have their children's voices as a ringtone. Music lovers can have their favorite band's song as a ringtone. Music can be uploaded from computers, or downloaded from third-party websites, to be used as ringtones on a vast array of cell phones. The process of making music a ringtone on a phone varies by phone, but the procedures are similar.

Step 1

Upload desired music to the cell phone. This can be done in a variety of ways. You could use ringtone creation software. You could send the music to your phone via USB, Bluetooth or email. You could download the music from a website or ringtone provider (see Resources).

Step 2

Locate the "Settings" menu on the phone.

Step 3

Browse the Settings menu to find out where ringtones can be changed.

Step 4

Edit the ringtones on the phone, and locate the music you uploaded to use as a replacement for the preloaded ringtones already available. Most ringtones last between 15 and 20 seconds, so having music files that are this long would be optimal. However, many phones are capable of playing segments from longer song clips, or even full songs. This will vary depending on the phone.

Step 5

Call the phone from another phone to see if the changes are in effect. Consult the owner's manual, or call customer service if you have further questions.