How to Set the Clock in Pioneer Premier Car Stereos

By Isaac Carlson

Pioneer Premier car stereos are dynamic electronic devices that are popular due to the reputation and longevity of the manufacturer. Having the correct time on your car stereo can be one of the small, but important, details in day-to-day life, keeping one cognizant of arrival times to work, school, doctor appointments and more. Setting up your Pioneer Premier car stereo's digital clock is a fairly easy process and can be done rather quickly.

Things You'll Need

  • Pioneer car stereo
  • Car

Step 1

Turn off your Pioneer Premier car stereo by pressing, holding, and releasing the "Off" button, which is sometimes shared with the "Scr" button.

Step 2

Press your car stereo's clock button, which is usually labeled "Clk" to turn on the clock.

Step 3

Press the "Audio" or "Function" button. Which one you have depends on your Pioneer car stereo's model. After you have pressed the "Audio" or "Function" button, the hour on the car stereo's digital clock will begin to blink. Use the up and down arrow buttons to make adjustments to the hour. Use the left and right arrow buttons to switch to minutes. The minutes side of the car stereo's digital clock should start blinking.

Step 4

Use the up and down arrow buttons to make adjustments to the minutes.

Step 5

Press the "Audio" or "Function" button on the Pioneer Premier car stereo. This will return it to normal function.