How to Set the Rating on Netflix

By Rebecca Gilbert

Protect your children from watching inappropriate movies on Netflix by setting the parental control ratings. Once you set the ratings, the movies rated outside your maturity level of choice are not available to add to your queue. Your family won't be able view movies with content that you deem too mature unless they have the password for access. Having the ability to secure your account allows you to let your children browse the movie selections with confidence.

Step 1

Log into your Netflix account online to access your account settings. Whether you only use the streaming service, or have movies mailed, logging into your account allows you to see your queue and account information.

Step 2

Click on the link "Your Account & Help" in the upper right-hand corner. This takes you to the page that shows your billing info, movie watching activity and preferences.

Step 3

Scroll down to "Preferences and click on the link "Change Parental Control Setting." Netflix requires you to log in again to access the parental controls.

Step 4

Choose the setting by clicking the radio button for the highest movie rating you allow. Netflix blocks movies with ratings above the setting you choose, and these are not added to your queue. The choices are "All Movies," "R and below," "PG-13 and below," "Unrated Family and below," "PG and below" and "G and below."

Step 5

Click "Continue" to save the change to the ratings you allow on Netflix.

Tips & Warnings

  • To watch a movie with a rating outside the current settings, choose it and enter your account password to accept it.
  • Secure your account password to keep your children for accessing inappropriate movies.

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