How to Set the Volume on a Tracfone

TracFone is a prepaid mobile provider that allows users to make and receive calls without being locked into a contract. The TracFone service is limited to TracFone devices. Users receive a free phone and pay as they go--adding minutes when needed. Features of the phone, including ring volume, may be adjusted from the settings menu of the cell phone.

Settings Menu

Press the “Menu” button located on the Tracfone keypad. Select “Settings,” then select “Ring Styles,” then select “Style Detail” and then select “Ring Volume.” Press the up and down arrows on the keypad to adjust the volume higher or lower.

Phone Buttons

Press the "up" and "down" buttons located on the left side of the phone. Pressing the "up" button increases the volume and pressing the "down" button lowers the volume.


Press the "Menu" button on the keypad. Press "Mute" from the list of options.