How to Set Up 2 Skype Accounts on the Same Computer

By Ken White

Skype, a free voice, text and video chat client for computers and mobile devices, can be used for free or inexpensive personal and business communication. If you use Skype for multiple purposes, or different members of the family use your computer, you might want to have different accounts so each user has his own Skype login. You can sign up for multiple free Skype accounts, and you can switch between your accounts at any time.

Step 1

Open Skype. Click "Don't Have a Skype Name?" to create a new Skype account.

Step 2

Enter your name, a new username, a password and an email address. Click "I Agree - Create Account." Click '"OK." You will be logged into Skype with the new account.

Step 3

Click "Skype," then "Sign Out." Click the "Skype Name" drop-down menu and choose a different username. Enter the password for the account and click "Sign In."

Tips & Warnings

  • You can run two instances of Skype with different usernames at the same time. While you have one instance of Skype running, press and hold the "Windows" key on your keyboard and press the "R" key. Type ""C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe" /secondary" in the text box and click "OK." Select a username from the "Skype Name" drop-down menu and enter the password, then click "Sign In."