How To Set Up a 2Wire Wireless Router

By Alexandra Bee

Using a 2Wire wireless router with your current Internet connection will allow for multiple connections without using more than one Ethernet cord to connect. Wireless routers must connect with the main modem to your Internet connection to transfer the data to your other computers. Setting up a 2Wire wireless router is almost no different than any other brand of wireless routers and requires little technical skill.

Step 1

Connect the 2Wire Wireless Router cords to your Internet modem by using an Ethernet cord. Plug in the Ethernet's power cord. View the router's instruction manual for a visual on connecting the Ethernet cords to and from the router if the router is not connecting. Check to be sure the lights are on with the router and your Internet modem.

Step 2

Open a web browser and browse to visit or to access the 2Wire default settings page. From the welcome page menu you can view all of the router's available settings.

Step 3

Click "Home Networking" to view the main network settings page.

Step 4

Choose "Edit Settings" under the "Status at a Glance" section on the right side of the screen.

Step 5

Change your wireless name to something that suits your network. You can also add a wireless security password from this settings page. Adding a password will prevent unwanted access from unknown users.

Step 6

Select "Save" at the bottom of the security page when your settings are complete. Your new 2Wire wireless router will not be set to your home network.