How to Set Up a Brother Printer for Wireless Printing

By Mikhail Polenin

If you need a network printing solution without a mess of network cables, or you just simply own a laptop that you want to maintain mobility with, getting a wireless printer makes these things possible. Unfortunately, setting up a wireless printer can be very complicated depending on the type of printer you use. Complications also depend on whether your home wireless connection works properly.

Step 1

Turn on your router and laptop or computer.

Step 2

Turn on your printer and go to “Menu.”

Step 3

Navigate to “Network,” then “WLAN,” then to “Setup Wizard.”

Step 4

Press “OK” after you see “Network I/F switched to Wireless” on the panel.

Step 5

Choose your network from the list of networks on your panel and press “OK.”

Step 6

Choose your network’s encryption type from the list displayed and press “OK” again. Type in the network key for your wireless network afterwards if you selected an encryption.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you need more help, check out the first link in References for your printer’s user guide.