How to Set Up a Fingerprint Reader

By Steve Gregory

A fingerprint reader is an input device that provides an extra layer of security for computer systems. The reader can be used to restrict access to websites, files, folders and the computer itself. When a fingerprint reader is active on a computer, there is the added benefit for the user of not having to continually type in user names and passwords to gain access to the system. To setup a fingerprint reader, you need the reader's installation disc which contains its drivers and application files.

Step 1

Plug the fingerprint reader into the appropriate port on your computer. Most fingerprint readers use the USB interface. Windows will automatically detect and recognize the device.

Step 2

Insert the fingerprint reader's setup disc into the disc drive of the computer. The reader's installation wizard will open.

Step 3

Follow the prompts from the installation wizard to install the reader. For example, select a location to save the fingerprint reader's program files and register a fingerprint by placing a finger on the reader when prompted by the wizard. Click the "Close or Finish" button when the setup process has completed.