How to Set Up a GoDaddy POP Email Account

By Aubrey Kerr

Whether you have one or multiple email addresses through GoDaddy, you can set any of them to send and retrieve email using a POP connection. Specify a POP or IMAP connection when you set up your account in an email client like Outlook, Mail or Thunderbird. If you want to set up a new GoDaddy email account to use POP, the process only takes a few steps.

Step 1

Log in to your Account Manager through GoDaddy's website.

Step 2

Go to "My Products" and "Email."

Step 3

Select "Setup Account." If you have more than one hosting account listed, choose the one you want. The Email Control Center opens. click "View All" to see all of your available email accounts.

Step 4

Go to "Add" and "Settings," and type in a new email address. Use the drop-down list to pick the domain you want. Set a password for the account and click "OK" to finish the email setup process.

Step 5

Open a browser window and sign in to your GoDaddy email account at Click "Help" and "Email Client Settings."

Step 6

Launch your email client if it's not already open. The setup is basically the same for all email programs.

Step 7

Start a new account. Press "File," "New," then "Mail Account..." or similar. A new account wizard opens.

Step 8

Choose "POP" from the list of connection types.

Step 9

Enter your email address in the username field. Also enter your email password and the incoming and outgoing server names you wrote down from

Step 10

Verify your port settings. They may already be entered by default, but GoDaddy recommends the following settings: Incoming Port without SSL -- 110; Incoming Port with SSL -- 995; Outgoing Port without SSL -- any one of 25, 80, 3535 or 587; and Outgoing Port with SSL -- 465.

Step 11

Save the account. Press "OK" and "Finish" or similar button in your email client.