How to Set up a Secure Wireless Network With a Linksys Router

By Rebecca Gilbert

Setting up a wireless network with a Linksys router only requires that you come up with a secure password to keep your Internet safe from the outside world. Not having a secure network is a risky endeavor, as someone with nefarious intentions may steal your personal information by hacking into your computer. It also decreases your available bandwidth, and if used heavily may have your Internet provider contacting you about your increased use.

Step 1

Open a Web page and type "" into the address bar. This accesses the Linksys router configuration area.

Step 2

Enter "admin" into the password text box that pops up, if this is the first time you've accessed the configuration page. If you've set a username or password for your router previous, enter that information.

Step 3

Select "Wireless" and "Wireless Security" to access the "Security Mode" link. Choose from WEP, WAP or WAP2 security. WEP uses a longer string passcode that's often generated for you, where WAP allows for a password of your choosing making it easier to remember.

Step 4

Type a password for your router into the Passphrase textbox and then Save Settings to save your secure wireless network settings.

Tips & Warnings

  • Each computer on your wireless network requires the password you created to access the Internet.
  • If you forget your router username or password, after changing it from the default "admin," reset the router to factory defaults following the directions for your Linksys model.